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Friday, January 11, 2013

Size up your pole.

Many of you may have noticed that we have a large variety of poles at the studio's.  Some are thicker than others, some are made of different metals, and some are painted.  There are reasons for their differences.

At the Ogden studio, we have 45mm chrome poles, 40mm chrome poles, 50mm chrome poles, and 50mm brass poles.  The mm has to do with the diameter of the pole.  Different diameters are good for different sizes of hands.

40mm - skinniest pole available for shorter girls or girls who are pole masters.  The skinnier poles allow for harder tricks that are easier to execute on a skinnier pole.

45mm - This pole has become the standard in the pole competition circuit.  They are slightly skinnier than the 50mm pole (which used to be the standard).  A 45 mm pole will work for just about any dancer.

50mm - A 50 mm pole is exactly 2 inches in diameter.  This pole used to be the most popular pole, but has been replaced by the 45mm pole.  50 mm poles are still great for the taller students and are wonderful for tricks that involve a lot of gripping with the legs.  It's much easier to grip a large pole with your legs than it is to grip a skinny pole.  We have the 50mm pole in chrome and brass finishes.  Brass is said to be easier to stick to than chrome, but this varies student to student.

At the Syracuse studio, all of the poles are 50mm.  They are this size because of the extremely tall ceilings at this studio.  A skinny pole over 12 feet tall will bend too much and eventually snap.  50mm poles are much safer at these heights.  At Syracuse, we offer a chrome finish and a purple powder coat finish.

Powder Coat Finish - This finish is a painted finish that is very very sticky.  It's great for students who have clammy hands or students who sweat during class.