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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Race to 100

Our race to 100 promotion begins August 1st. We are discounting our one year membership (reg. $69/month) to only $48/month until we have reached 100 new students.

Also, we are giving away a one year membership and a pole to the person who can get the most free day pass referrals. The people you refer actually have to use their free day pass :)

For all the details on this sale and the referral challenge, follow this link :

'Race to 100 new memberships - $48/month special and we're giving away a pole!'

Old School

I was cleaning out old computer files the other day and I found some pictures of the old studio on Harrison in Ogden. Most of our current students didn't get to see our starter home. But for those who were there to help us become what we are today, enjoy these memories!

Notice how the pole room got made over three times!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pole Art Competition 2010

Oona Kivela (Finland) won this years pole art competition. She is one of the most amazing pole dancers I've ever seen! She takes the pole and puts a dance/gymnastics spin on it. She doesn't do anything provocative, yet everything she does is so so interesting.

With up and coming starletts like Oona, how can you say that pole fitness and pole dancing is just a fad? Pole dancing is here to stay! I watch this piece and I see something that combines dance technique, rythm, gymnastics, and strength. Watch this video and see for yourself. Go Oona!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What not to wear.

New students are always asking what they sould wear to class. So here it is :)

Pole & Aerial Hoops
Short shorts (if you feel comfortable enough). Showing some skin will actually help you stick to the pole, long pants will just make you slide right down. A sports bra is always a good idea. Think about it....mommy boobs hanging upside down on a pole...mine would fall right out the top if it weren't for my sports bra :)

As far as shoes go, most students prefer bare feet. Some students like dancing in platform shoes. It's just a personal choice. However, in black light we highly recommend shoes. You can buy platform shoes in the lobby at either studio.

You will want to invest in a bottle of dry hands for $8.00 (sold at the studio). It will make your hands stick to the pole. This is especially helpful if you accidentally wore lotion the day of class....or you just have naturally clammy hands.

Aerial Silks & Dance Trapeze
For these classes you want to dress the complete opposite of the pole. Leggings or sweat pants, long sleeved cotton shirt that also has a long torso. Bare feet....and yes a sports bra :)

For silks and trapeze, it is wise to get some rosin or firm grip. This will help your hands to stick to the apparatus. Both of these can be purchased at the studio.

All other classes (hip hop, jazz, zumba, yoga, etc)
Dress as if you are going to the gym. Sweats in any length (shorts, capris, or pants), tank top, sports bra, tennis shoes, and a bottle of water. Dance clothes are always welcomed to jazz and hip hop but they are not required.

Does anyone have any other questions about what to wear?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Student loses 30 lbs!


A little over a year ago I stepped on a scale and saw a number larger than I’d ever seen before. I don’t know how I got there, maybe a little bit of depression mixed with a desk job, but needless to say I wasn’t happy about it. All of a sudden I was buying size 12 jeans when there was a stack of size 3 jeans in my closet. My lovely sister Niki, a teacher at your studio, came over to my house one day and put a pole in my home office and it didn’t take long for me to be hooked. After 6 months of pole fitness and making trips up to Ogden for classes I lost almost 20 pounds.
When you opened Pearl I began to take silk classes and in a short 2 months I dropped another 10 pounds! Being able to come to classes more often and the new challenge of silks boosted my weight loss and I’m happy to say, 30 pounds later I’m at a happy, healthy, sexy 126 pounds!

Thank you so much Meagan and Niki, for taking on all the hard work of running a business and opening up a new world to me. Pole and silks have made me more confident than I’ve ever been.

- Your student and web designer, Suzi"

Zombie Prom Practices

If you would like to dance with us in this years Zombie Prom, please join us during the following times:

Ogden girls
Tuesday's 7:00-8:00pm
Saturday's 9:00am-10:30am

Midvale girls
Wednesday's 8:00-9:00pm

Anyone who already has a membership can participate free of charge. Non members pay $5 per practice. We will all perform the same routine together at the annul Zombie Prom which is a fundraiser for juvenille diabetis. Basically it's a family dance with a zombie/halloween theme. We will be dancing to Rhianna's song "Teeth". No dance experience required. Basic jazz and hip hop will be used in this piece.

Costume fee of $12 is due the week of July 26th. Call Annie if you have questions 801-645-5834.

For all the details on Zombie Prom, visit their website at

Studio equipment for sale.

We are making space for a tattoo parlor in our Ogden studio (tanning bed room and workout room). So, we need to sell our gym equipment and our tanning bed. If you are a member of Blue or Pearl, I will give you a 20% discount off of these prices.

Sunvision Tanning bed - $2000
Treadmill - $500
Eliptical Machine - $500
Exercise Bike - $500
Vibrating Muscle toner - $300

The tanning bed can be used commerically or residentially. All gym equipment is profesional grade. Could be used in health club or home.

Call Meagan at 801-678-0225 if you are interested in any of these items.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pioneer Days Parade

This years Pioneer's Day parade goes right past the studio, so we decided to do silks on the street to help bring attention to aerial silk. Thanks for all the girls who came out and performed. Most of us had just done studio 600 the night before and only got 5 hours of sleep :) Oh well, it's just sleep right?

Studio 600 performance

Reagan, Chantal, Davina, Natalie, Lizz, Sheena, Annie, Justin, and myself performed at a Salt Lake night club last night called Studio 600. It was so much fun! Our bodies are sore, we are oh so tired (3:00am!), but it was awesome to be able to use our talents to entertain a crowd of over 1,000 people. Here are some snap shots from the night courtesy of Chantal:

And, If you want to see video of Davina performing on the silks, Click Here.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I wrote a post a few weeks back about the process that it takes to actually get up the courage to become a pole student. One of our current students made this statement in response to the blog post

"I just barely met you yesterday, so you missed my first official day and tour, but I have to say that those steps the new student goes through aren't far off from what I experienced.

My first class was a week ago Monday when I took the Black Light class. I actually had NO idea what to expect, but I went anyway. The second the girls heard it was my first class EVER they were more than helpful in teaching me and helping me with the harder moves one-on-one.

I have been following this blog for a long time and putting my time into figuring out if I was going to take the plunge and get the membership and I'm SO glad I did. I've taken a few classes and I've noticed that after every class I've got about 6 new bruises, but I feel SO MUCH BETTER about myself. I can conquer the world!!

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work I know you put in to making both studio's a reality.

-Britney, one of your new students "

Awe! Thanks for sharing Britney.

Parade Car.

I just got this picture from one of our facebook friends. It gives a better image of how they got poles and a cage on top of a car. Genious!!! I hope we are lucky enough to participate next year.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New pole video's.

I had my camera turned the wrong way for the second video. Sorry :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pole for sale!

I have one of our left over poles from the Harrison studio that we have for sale to the first gal who comes and grabs it from our Ogden location.

1. Permanant stainless steel pole. Gently used. Will fit ceiling 7-13 feet in height. $150.

Call Meagan for questions at 801-394-3185.

update: the pole has been sold :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hip Hop workshop with Caress!!!

Caress is visiting from Florida. She used to teach hip hop for two years for ADF before moving last year to chase her dream of becoming a professional dancer. She is back for one week only and will be teaching a hip hop workshop this Saturday from 7-8pm. She has all new moves she has learned while living on the East Coast and she's excited to share them with us.

If you miss Caress as much as I do, you won't want to miss it. $10 at the door. All abilities welcome. No membership required.RSVP by using the link below:RSVP by clicking here.
Space is limited.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

College student special!

Our 3 month unlimited membership is on sale for those college students who would like to take classes only during the summer.

It's only $179. Good for 120 days at either location.

To redeem this offer, you must purchase your membership at either our Midvale or Ogden location. Mention the student special you saw on the blog. Must show student i.d. to get discount.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New students.

My first experience with a pole was in my living room. Nice and private in a room with not many windows. I often wonder what it feels like to be a brand new pole student who gets to try her first class in front of a dozen other people who probably feel just as akward and unsure.

Sometimes, new students come to us in pairs (buddy system). But for the most part, they come alone. I admire the courage it must take to go through the new student path.

This is how I imagine the

1. She needs to hear about pole fitness.
2. She needs to determine if it's within her moral boundaries (this can take months or even years).
3. She needs to research it. Watch some youtube video's, find her local studio's, read teacher bio's, call a girl friend to discuss what she has learned.
4. She makes contact with the studio to inquire about pricing, location, what to wear.
5. More thinking and debating.....
6. She makes an attempt to convince a friend to try it with her. Usually, this fails.
7. She takes the bold action of getting online, grabbing the credit card, and purchasing the membership.
8. She will probably go to the store and find the perfect gym outfit.
9. The day of her first class, she is jittery at work. Can't talk to anyone without bringing up the word pole.
10. Drives to the studio, sits in her car and gathers her toughts. The excitment is filling her four door sedan.
11. This is the part when I have the opportunity to see a brand new member walk into the studio for her first time. I can always spot a new girl. Her face is full of nerves and excitement.
12. I will greet her, give her a tour, introduce her to her first teacher, and the rest is up to her.

Thank you students for managing to make it through all of these steps to get inside these studio doors. Wow....I've made myself cry. I better stop. I just wanted to say that I appreciate the courage it takes to step outside of your box and find us here at Adult Dance & Fitness where you are deeply loved.

-Meagan, Owner

Channel 2 news story

We were on channel 2! Wuh hoo! Follow this link to read all about it: