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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween recital tomorrow!

Midvale location
7021 Commerce Park Drive
Friday, October 29th

$5 when you buy online (Click here to purchase online)
$7 with costume at the door
$10 without costume at the door

You don't need to be a student or a friend of a student to attend the recital. The public is welcome. This is a great opportunity to check out the studio and it's teachers and students. The owner of the studio will be at the front desk all night to answer questions.

Also, we are having a huge sale on memberships during the recital. These specials are going to be crazy! For more details on how to purchase tickets online, and more info on the special recital prices, Click here.

The students have all worked very hard to put together their Hallween themed recital piece. Come see the danger, the creativity, and the costumes!

We will see you there.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clothing sale!

All of the daily wear clothing at our Ogden location is 50% off through the rest of this week. Jean shorts, tanks tops, graphic t-shirts, glittery tops, and more. With the sale, everything is between $3.50-$10.00. Don't miss it!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I love pole dancing comics!

Winter dance sweats!

Our classic winter dance sweats are coming! Every year, we stock our shelves with comfy sweat bottoms that always sell out in the first two weeks.

We are expecting our first shipment to arrive on November 1st.

This years sweats are very origional and super cute. They will come in black/pink and charcoal gray/pink. Sizes and quantities are very limited so get yours next week!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thinking about joining?

As the owner of the studio, I know how excited women can get when they are getting ready to start taking pole or aerial classes. A lot of thought goes into taking the leap to becoming a pole or aerial student. But can I tell you a secret? It's not as scary as it may seem. The pole has been very sexually glorified but in the end, it is just a piece of metal that hangs from floor to ceiling. No big deal! I like to compare it to a horizontal ballet bar. Ballerina's use them right??!

We try to make our classes physically challenging and entertaining. You will feel somewhat sexy, but definately not stripper status. You will strictly be a pole fitness student. Your friends and family may disapprove, but they will secretly be a little jealous that you have the confidence and the curiosity to start something new.

Our aerial classes are so so fun! The instructors are great and you don't even feel like exercising. In these classes, everyone is a circus acrobat, even if you're a beginner. Every move is a milestone and every time you achieve better and better moves, you feel like a rock star. We have even had some instructors and students take their aerial act on the road to perform! It's all possible. You can simply be a student who is doing it for exercise, or an aspiring Cirque Du Solei performer.

So give it a try. Our introductory classes are only $15. And, if you decide to purchase a membership immediately after your intro class, we will put the $15 towards a membership. So it's basically free!

Come fly with us!

-Meagan Chapman
Adult Dance & Fitness
801-394-3185 (Ogden)
801-561-1105 (Midvale)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Get your Halloween recital tickets!

It's our annual Halloween recital!

Pearl - by Adult Dance & Fitness
7021 Commerce Park
Midvale, UT
Friday, October 29th

We will have pole, aerial silk, hoop, break dancers, a trapeze group perfromance and more! Come support your fellow students and teachers as they perform various Halloween themed routines. You don't need to be a current student to attend. If you want to see amazing acrobatic performances, come to our show!

Tickets are only $5 when you purchase online. If you wait to buy your tickets the night of the event they will be $7 if you're wearing a costume and $10 if you are in street clothing.

To purchase your tickets online for $5, click here.

See everyone there!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Private pole lesson

This week, I had the pleasure of teaching a private lesson to a friend who recently set up her own pole room in her house! She has been doing pole for a while, but she needed a little nudge to push her from a beginner dancer to an intermediate dancer. First on the list was a handless invert. Which she got for her first time!!!!

Then we moved on to the baby super man. Go Jenn!!!

Anyway, I'm very proud of her and I can't wait for our next session together.

Privates are always a great way to get one on one help and advice. All of our instructors offer private lessons. So, if you need an extra push, talk to your favorite instructor about setting aside some time to work on those moves that have you stumped. We offer private and semi-private lessons (2-3 people).

Intermediates...doing their thing!

I taught an intermediate class last week at our Midvale studio and it was such a blast. At the end of each class, I like to give the students time to show off their best moves. Here are some of my students favorite moves. Enjoy!

Tip of the week

Pole beginners - When doing your spins, keep your arms stretched high. Try to hang all of your weight vs. trying to lift with your biceps. When you hang from your arms and creat a big "swoop" with your legs, you will enjoy a much smoother and faster spin. I try to make at least three rotations on all of my spins.

For the more advanced pole dancer - When trying a shoulder mount, pull on the pole as if you were trying to throw a 200 lb man over your shoulder. Shoulder mounting is about the arms and abs not about the legs.

Also, when doing any invert, try to avoid springing off of your leg or swinging into an invert. You will get more physical benefits if you use your core and your arms to lift yourself upside down. Momentum and swinging is like training wheels. Once you don't need them anymore, get rid of them and never go back!

For more info on pole dancing classes in Utah, visit

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pole dance combinations!

Through our student survey, I had many of you request that we have a pole class that was more dance oriented. Well, I have come up with a class for you!

Pole Dance Combinations
Ogden location (Midvale class coming soon)
Every Wednesday starting October 27th

Class description: It's the class you've all been waiting for! In pole dance combinations, you will start putting together your pole moves in a fun but challenging combination put to music. This is only for intermediate and advanced pole fitness students. Get that heart rate up and start dancing with your pole! In this class, you will share a pole with another student who will help with spotting, safety, and taking turns to allow the other to catch her breath.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Student survey results.

I will be looking over the student survey results in the coming days. Lots of great constructive criticism as well as many compliments. Thank you!

Here are a few fun facts that I learned from the survey:
The favorite class is pole fitness followed by aerial silk

84% of members were satisfied with the services we offer. If I'm a politician, I'm golden. However, I would like to improve upon this number :)

90% of students said they would likely continue their membership once it has expired. That's great!

I asked each participant of the survey to give us some constructive criticism. Here are a few suggestions we received:

"I'd love to see more dance related items for sale(hip scarves,leotards, etc).And more of an emphasis on the other (traditional) dance classes,not just pole."

"I would like to see more advanced level classes for pole and silks. If possible twice a week in Ogden. I also love taking the intermediate silks at Midvale, but having it at 8-9 and then driving back home get me home pretty late. Is there anyway that an intermediate class could be offered at an earlier time on a Tuesday or Thursday?"

"Please bring Wednesday night Kick Boxing back! :)"

"I would like to incorporate more dance into pole. In terms of putting moves together so they flow and general dance etc. Not necessarily routines you feed us, but like "you can do this to transition these moves" and then sometimes say okay everyone put on this song and you all come up with your own freestyle. etc"

I am personally reading every comment and I will do my very best to make the necessary changes that will help make your experience better! You can still weigh in on the student survey. Arrow down and find the origional student survery blog post.

Thank you for your input!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The inside of Blue.

I love watching people as they walk on the sidewalks outside of the studio. People see the word pole fitness on our front doors and their curiosity goes crazy. They will stand out there forever, but never come in. So, for all you curious little cats, here is what Ogden's most risque' dance studio looks like :)

The very exciting and sexy pole room where all the "magic" happens!
(I'm being dramatic)

Lots of seating for those waiting for the next class.

Main dance floor for our more traditional classes (jazz, hip hop, pilates, etc)

Botique for all of your dance clothing needs.

Tanning bed for members

Pole room #2

Our chalk stair way for our students to doodle on :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Student Survery

Help us be the very best studio we can be. Please follow the link below to take a short 2-3 minute survey that will help us better serve you.

Thank you!!!!

Click here to take our survey.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sin workshops coming!

I am meeting with the best exotic dancer in Utah this week! We are planning a six week workshop with dancer "Sin". Each week workshop students will learn a new exotic dance element. Learn lap dance, how to do super sexy hair and make up, floor work, rails tricks, and more will be covered. I will keep you posted on the details.

This workshop is definately something to get excited about. Lots of exotic dancers are good at what they do, but very rarely do you find a woman who is not only a great dancer, but an amazing and relevant teacher.

I will update you next week on all the details.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One argument....two examples

Arguement #1 - Pole fitness is headed to the olympics:

Argument #2 - Pole fintess will never make it to the olympics (watch the whole thing):

I hope some of you got a good laugh like I did.

Teacher and student pictures are in!

If you got your picture done a few weeks ago during the studio photo shoot, your pictures are on a disc at the Ogden location. Please make a check out to Alicia Ward or bring cash. No credit cards please.

Alicia did such a great job with the photo's.
Below: Jazz instructor Devon Flint.

We have dry hands!

Just got a great big order of dry hands into both the Ogden and Midvale studio's. Grab a bottle before it's gone. These day's, a great big order will last 2-3 days in the lobby before it's sold out :)

Wonderful Wednesdays!

As the owner of the studio, I've noticed that sometimes I get too busy to enjoy the studio and the people who come to class. So tonight, I stepped away from the desk and observed each class and socialized with the students and teachers in them. I was impressed! It reaffirmed that I am needed and lately I've needed to hear and see that.

The studio is a sanctuary and a place for women to be themselves with no judgement and I'm happy that I am a part of their adventure :)

For those who don't know, our belly dancing class is the best! The teacher always comes up with fun choreography and it always seems that the ladies are truly enjoing eachothers company. Check out what they will be working on this month:

I wandered upstairs to see what the beginner students were working on. Most of these girls have only been to 2-3 classes and they are doing fantastic! Keep up the awesome work!!!

I noticed that our Intermediate/Advanced teacher Megan Page was practing the pole move called "recliner". She is trying really hard to gain more back flexibility and I think she is doing great. Here is a picture of her progress this week:

I enjoyed taking time out to mingle with the Wednesday night gals. Thank you for your memberships and friendships!

-Meagan, Owner

Monday, October 4, 2010

Private parties!

If you are looking to schedule a private pole party in the month of October, you need to hurry and book it! Our weekends are very full and there is only space for a few more parties.

To book a party for 5 of more ladies, call Shayli at 801-941-7707

Aerial Silks Drop Shop

Are you a semi-advanced aerial silk dancer who is ready to take your skill to the next level? This is the workshop for you. Our amazing instructor Liz Martinez will carefully guide you through 5 new death defying drops that are sure to challenge you.

Aerial Silks Drop Shop
Midvale location
Saturday, October 9th

RSVP online. Only 10 spots available!

Click here to RSVP

Looking for performers!

We are having a Halloween party on October 29th from 8pm-11pm!
Looking for aerial silk, trapeze, hoop, pole, jazz, hip hop, ect. Your performance must have a Halloween theme (music & costume). Solo's, duo's, and group performances are all welcome.

The performer(s) with the most creative act will win $25 cash.
We will also have a costume contest, games, dancing, and more.

If you would like to perform, send us an e-mail at with your name, phone number, and the genre of dance you will be performing.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Student of the month - October 2010

Every month, each studio will pick a "Student of the Month". The student of the month is someone who attends 3-4 classes per week. She goes the extra mile by attending workshops, competitions, or anything out of the ordinary.

Your Midvale student of the month is Amanda Wickens. Amanda attended over 20 classes last month and also attended the Sinful Workshop. She pushes herself to the limits and is progressing at an incredible rate. Congrats Amanda!

Your Ogden student of the month is Jennifer McKinney! Jennifer attended 18 classes last month. She also participated in our lap dancing workshop. Jennifer is a very well rounded student who has taken almost every type of class we offer. Go Jennifer!

The student of the month will have her picture displayed in the studio with a name plate. She also gets a free bottle of dry hands.

Look for their pictures to be displayed in the studio in the coming weeks. If you would like to nominate a student of the month for November, send an e-mail to