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Monday, January 30, 2012

Capture the moment

"I remember back in the old days when I used to be a really good pole dancer."

"Oh're so funny. You never pole danced, stop telling stories."

If you don't want this to be you, you'd better capture the moment with a beautiful pole portrait.

The photographer we love the very best is Shay Voorhees, who also happens to be an instructor at French Kiss Fitness.

Visit her website

She also does boudoir photography for those who don't have their pole tricks perfected yet.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Deluxe Membership - available now!

You asked for it. Here it is!

Do you want to bring your friends to class with you?
Do you want full access to specialty workshops without being charged extra?
Do you want to buy a pole at a discount?

Introducing our Deluxe Membership.

Friends are FREE! Bring your friends to class with you at no extra cost.
Unlimited classes
Unlimited Workshops
10% off all merchandise including poles for at home use.

Introductory rate of only $85/month
Will go up February 1st to $99/month

Get your deluxe membership today! Click here to sign up.

*Limit 1 friend per day
*Friend requires no reservation, but will be asked to sign a liability waiver

Other Prices:

5 visits per month - $30/month
10 visits per month - $40/month
Unlimited visits - $60/month (On Sale for $50/month)

Drop in classes - $15 (On Sale for $10)
Introductory week - $20 (unlimited classes for 1 full week, limit 1 per person)

Move of the week

Advanced instructor, Charlee, demonstrates a tricky move called the Buddah Hang. Master this move and you know you're a pole pro!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Free Kisses!

Now you can get free kisses when you make a purchase or refer another student. By kisses...I really mean "points". Here's how it works.

For every dollar you spend, you get 1 point.
For every class you attend, you get 1 point.
For every friend you refer, you get 200 point.

1 point = 1 cent
Your kisses are automatically calculated by our online system. When you log in to your account, you will be able to see your rewards points total.

Everytime your membership dues come out, that counts as a purchase. So let's say you paid your membership for this month and it was $50 + you attended 10 classes + you referred 2 friends. Your total rewards for the month = 460 kisses which is equal to $4.60.

You can use your rewards "kisses" to pay for workshops, merchandise, private parties, and also to help pay for drop in classes for you or your friends.
The only thing points can not be used for are monthly membership dues.

So cool!

When you refer a friend, make sure they tell the receptionist who it was that referred them so you are guaranteed your referral points.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week in review

It's the second week in January and it was definately a fun one. Here are some things that have been happening.

- We have a brand new website. At first, we had lots of technical difficulties, but all is well and it is up and working. . On the site, you can see the latest class video's, pictures, and there is also an area where you can contact the owner of the studio with any questions you have about classes, memberships, name it.

- Our Sunset location had a great start. It's only been open for two weeks now and classes are already full. We still have room for more, but overall, it got off to a better than expected start. Thank you to all the current student's who help spread the word to the Davis County community. We would not be in business without word of mouth as our primary source of advertisement. So BIG BIG Thank you to our students!

- Charlee's be bendy class is doing so great. The students who regularly attend class are seeing major improvements on their flexibility. Great job ladies!!!

- We have set a date for our next pole/aerial recital. It will be April 21st. So start putting your routines together if you want to perform :)

Coming next week:
- Two new classes. Candle Light Yoga, and Contemporary Pole. I will let you know how they go.

- Self defense workshop is next Saturday. For all the details, visit our website. If you don't know how to overpower a man, this class is a MUST!

-New teachers start. We are so pleased to welcome Caroline Dow and Makenzie Whicker ot the French Kiss Fitness family.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!!

-Meagan Goodson, Owner

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bad Kitty is coming!

I just got my hands on the newest shorts to be added to the bad kitty pole fit line. I will have these shorts in both studio's by Wednesday or Thursday of this week. I grabbed as many as I could, but they will probably sell out quickly, so get yours while you can.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Pole move of the week

This move comes to you from French Kiss Fitness instructor Shay Voorhees. It's a great beginners spin combo that almost everyone can do. Try it in class...try it at home!

Check out our schedule to see all of our classes at

January hip hop level 1

Check out the video we took of this week's hip hop dance. Hip Hop 1 is offered at our Ogden location every Thursday 6-7pm.

French Kiss Fitness
Sunset and Ogden locations

Pole vs. Pole

Platinum stages and X pole are two different pole companies who are competing for the top selling pole. This studio did a great side by side comparison that should help the consumer decide which pole best suites them. These poles are the traveling poles sold by each company. We recommend that people purchasing poles for home use use each of the companies removable poles...not the traveling poles shown here.

I too have dealt with both companies. Platinum stages offers lower prices, but Xpole's customer service and quality poles far surpass that of platinum stages...but watch this video and decide for yourself.

French Kiss Fitness is an authorized dealer of both Xpole and Platinum Stages. If you want to save $10 on your pole order, place your order through us!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012...the year of great sales!

Since the end of the world is less than a year away.....let's dance as much as possible! To help you dance even more, we are having a huge membership sale! We always have great sales in January, but this one is crazy!!!

5 visits per month - $18/month + 2 free class vouchers (reg. $25/month). Only $3.60/class
10 visits per month - $26.25/month + 5 free class vouchers (reg. $35/month). Only $2.62/class
Unlimited classes - $44/month + 7 free class vouchers (reg. $59/month). BEST DEAL!

Drop in classes are $15/class

AND, our 1 year unlimited pass is on sale for another month.
Reg. $699
NOW $399 + you get 10 free class vouchers to give to friends and family

*We don't really believe the end of the world is near...but the idea is reason enough to live 2012 to it's fullest :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Grand opening

The grand opening of the new Sunset location was really fun. It was free open pole all night. We started making up a lyrical jazz/pole routine that caught on all around the room. Before I knew it, everyone was learning it and we were having so much fun. Here is the video that we shot of our unexpected dance.

Who knows...maybe we will make a class out of it. I love the fusion between lyrical jazz and pole. So fun!!!

Thanks to everyone who came. Tomorrow is the official opening and we will have our first classes. I hope to see lots of you there. Thanks for everything. My studio's would be nothing without the students and teachers who live in these walls.

Meagan, Owner