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Monday, July 23, 2012

Ass Class

Today's Ass Class was pretty intense! Most of the class is done outside in the elements. We use our surroundings to get the best workout possible. Today, we did frog hops, parking garage stairs, tree hugging squats, and lots more. The ladies today were so much fun! We had lots of laughs, a ton of sweat, and the buns were on fire! We snapped a photo after a very intense set of jumping squats.

Ass class is offered:
Monday's 8-9pm (Ogden)
Thursday's 11am-12pm (Syracuse)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Class Etiquette

At French Kiss Fitness our class reservations are done online. You reserve your space through our website for class and you can also see how many people are registered for that class. Recently, there has been a problem that has presented itself. Students register for classes that they think they MIGHT want to take. Then, the day of class, they decide for one reason or another that they are too busy to take that class. Thus, leaving an empty space in class.

This is more harmful than you might think. When a potential student is looking at our class schedule, they might think that our studio is too full for them to join because every class is full. In reality, it's the semi-committed students who are holding a place in class, only to cancel an hour before the class starts. In fact, our classes are really only half full.

I really hate to implement a fee for this problem, but it has to be done. Starting July 1st, the following fee's have been put into place.

No Show Fee - $5 Reserving a place in class, but not coming.

Late Cancel Fee - $3 Cancelling your reservation less than 3 hours before the start time of the class.

When you give us less than 3 hours notice that you won't be attending class, we aren't able to notify other students of the open spot in class. It basically creates an empty space in class that we aren't able to fill.

I appreciate your understanding. Please be considerate of students who are eager to attend class. If you aren't able to attend your reserved class, please remove yourself from that class as soon as possible. It helps out the studio, your teachers, and fellow students.

Thank you!

Meagan, owner

Student feature - Tracie Day

Tracie has been coming to the studio since February 2012. That same month, she signed up her daughter for classes as well. The two of them can be seen at the studio almost 5 nights a week and they are die hard dancers/polers/aerialists. Not many mother/daughter duo's come through my doors and this duo is certainly one of my favorite!

When Tracie first started coming to the studio she told me how her boyfriend didn't like her pole dancing. I couldn't imagine why any boyfriend of a gorgeous and confident woman wouldn't like the idea of her taking some fun classes that might also spice up the relationship. Needless to say, he's not her boyfriend. Tracie has moved on to a man that can handle her sense of adventure!

Here are some pictures that Tracie sent to me recently:

In this photo, Tracie is showing off her moves underneath a bridge. We don't plank, we chopper! Pole dancing and aerial silk classes in Ogden and Syracuse Utah.

An Oldie but a Goodie!

Before watching this video...please read :)

I made this video for the studio 5 years ago when we first started teaching pole. Keep in mind that our pole "vocabulary" was very limited because we were in uncharted territory. Literally. So the moves are easy, but my students and I had so much fun!

At the time, I probably only had about 20 students so I knew everyone by name and I always put all the students in our video's. Once a month, I would go out to dinner with my students, kids were welcome in class, and I knew all the husbands and boyfriends. Overall, it was a very tight knit community.

Now we have thousands visit the studio each year so it's impossible for me to put my personal touch on everything like I used to. It's fun to see this video and go back to memory lane.

The location seen in the video was my first location on Harrison Blvd in Ogden. We didn't have money for wood floors, so we painted the concrete and used barber shop mats for padding. I laugh sometimes when I think of the silly ways I used to teach and the environment that we pole danced in.

Aaaagh, the good old days :) Enjoy! Pole dancing and aerial silk classes in Ogden and Syracuse Utah.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Push Re-Start

It's no secret that I had a baby just under a year ago. I have struggled to fall back in love with my pole. I keep comparing myself to the pole dancer from 2 years ago. This week, I finally accepted that I have to start back at the beginning and work my way to being a good pole dancer again. I thought it would be a fun idea to video tape my freestyle once a week and show you my progress. So here we go folks! -Meagan, owner French Kiss Fitness

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 things we love about pole dancing.

1. Pole is a blast!

2. Your bruises are an instant conversation starter.

3. What other piece of gym equipment allows you to go upside down?

4. It my improve your sex life.

5. Makes every street sign into a stage.

6. The lingo: "Scorpion to gemeni to baby superman followed by a rocketman into a recliner". What???!!!

7. You'll be the coolest girl at the dance club if they have a pole.

8. Tennis shoes? No! Stilettos.

9. Takes up less space than a treadmill.

10. If you meet someone else who is a pole dancer, you're instant best friends.

Comment below! Let's add to this list.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Extreme Boot Camp

Extreme Boot Camp

This special boot camp is designed for girl who is serious about losing weight. You will be pushed harder then you've ever been pushed before. The workouts include mega-cardio, weight training, endurance challenges, team work, and more!

4 weeks
Starts July 16, 2012
Syracuse location

Tuesday's 5-6pm
Thursday's 5-6pm
Saturday's 11am-noon
*attend as often as you can. 100% attendance is not mandatory.

- 3 days per week - weekly weigh in and measurment - before and after picture

Only $99
> Limited space.
Click here to sign up.

Student Pictures

I highly encourage students of French Kiss Fitness to take pictures so they can reflect on their progress. It's also a fun way to showing friends and family how well you are doing in class. These pictures come to you from a student named Terryn.

Thanks for the pictures Terryn!

If you have pictures from classes taken at the studio that you would like to share, please e-mail them to

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tis the season...

Summer time is an aerialists favorite time of the year. It's a chance to get outside the studio and dance from trees, monkey bars, and bridges. All aerial apparatus are capable of being hung outside if you can find the perfect spot.

Here is a great outdoor aerial picture to inspire all of you aerialists. Get outside and dance!

Monday, July 2, 2012


The studio will be doing it's biannual groupon special starting July 4th.

This offer is good for new students only!

5 drop in classes ($45 value) - Groupon price: $15
10 drop in classes ($150 value) - Groupon price: $25
1 month unlimited ($69 value) - Groupon price: $25

To check out this special, please visit

If you already have a membership, please pass this info on to your friends and family. Buying a groupon deal is a great way to get introduced to the studio.