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Friday, February 18, 2011

Respect other classes please.

Recently, I got a complaint from a brand new student that during the last 5 minutes of her class, the next class started to walk in and disturb her class. I take complaints very seriously and always try my best to fix the problem.

Please be mindful of the other classes in session when arriving at the studio. Don't walk into the dance floor until the other class is completely finished with their session.

To help with this matter, I am having a door installed in the downstairs pole room to help with the noise and of course the disturbance of class from other students. I will also be hanging signs asking you to stay behind the door until the class is finished.

If everyone could help me by following this request, I will be so grateful.
It's scary being a new student in this environment. Imagine if you were brand new to the studio and the veteran dancers started to barge into class to stare at you :) Awkward!

Thanks ladies!

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