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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pole competition competitors

Here's the final list for the ladies who have entered the May pole competition.

Beginner Category:
Ashlee Henry
Bree Tonks

Intermediate Category:
Shila Bassett
Jenny Schaffer
Robyn Hutchings
Chantel Fain
Katie Petersen
Cara Heuser

Advanced Category:
Samantha Hargrave
Charlee Wagner
Amber Hoganson
Tiffany Tremaine
Caroline Dow
Dana Strauss
Nicole Mcrae
Shay Voorhees

Don't miss this competition. We have a great line's going to be a really great show. Visit our website at to purchase tickets to the show!


  1. Good luck everyone! Will someone be filming the competition?

  2. I won't be, I will be too busy running around like a mad woman :)