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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Performance tips from a pro

Performance Tips for Pole Dancers

- Hold, hold, hold your positions longer than you are inclined to. People don’t run through art museums they graze and then pause to absorb what they see. Likewise, it takes several seconds for the audience to process the beauty of a pose. Within a flow, there are “picture moments”, let them live.

- Use the height of the pole. In a several minute piece, there is plenty time to use both the floor and air space. Height ads grandiosity.

- Be selective. If you put all of your favorite moves in a routine, it’s probably overkill. You want to be remembered for specific moments, and it’s hard for the audience to remember anything when too much happens. Sometimes, what feels like moments of “nothing” to the performer are beautiful from the audience. More tricks don’t make a routine better; execution, timing, and delivery do.

- Looking is not the same as connecting. A purposeful look towards the audience can be captivating, charming, and memorable. Wake up your face as you dance, and your performance will be appreciated.

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