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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bring your man to class!

Common phrases used by men who have pole dancing wives:

"Pole dancing isn't exercise."
"I can pole dance better than you."
"You can dance on my pole."

So, once a year, we invite the men to class to prove their man hood.

Bring your man to class week
November 7th-12th

The rules:
1. He has to have a lady friend participating in class (no random men please).
2. He can come to every class except for dirty dancing, exotic dance, and belly dancing.
3. Each class he takes is $2. This helps cover the cost of his ego, his whining, and the space he takes up in class :)
4. You have to take pictures of your man in class and post it all over facebook! Best picture wins a $25 class credit.
5. No being rough on the equipment. The poles are built for women, not for men who act like monkeys.
6. As long as the class size isn't too large, he can plan on participating in class.

This is an annual event that our teachers and students look forward to each year...and this year is no different...we are super duper excited!!! Remember, he is invited to most of our classes including pole fitness, zumba, kick boxing, hip hop, jazz, and all of our aerial classes!

If your special guy needs some encouragement, have him watch these video's :)

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