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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Premium Classes

We have 8 new classes being added to the schedule in the coming weeks.  Five of them will be categorized as "Premium" classes.  These classes will only be offered to students who purchase the premium package at the studio.  All pre-existing memberships are considered to be premium.  Any memberships sold after October 22nd will be either a basic membership or a premium membership.

Effective October 23rd:

Basic Membership - Price TBD
Unlilmited access to:  Acro Yoga, Aerial Silk, Aerial Hammock, Kickin' Cardio, Ass Class, Tummy Tuck, Pole Fitness, Exotic Dance, Jazz, Hip Hop, Kettle Ball Fitness, Hot Hula, Zumba, Pilates, and Be Bendy.

Premium Membership - Price TBD (only available at Ogden)
Unlimited access to:  Basic Membership Classes, Ballet Cardio Barre, Fly Gym Fitness, Pole Aria, Meditation, and Goddess Gathering.

We are so excited to be able to offer these luxury classes.  We will be the only studio in the state to offer the above classes! (with the exception of Ballet Cardio Barre).  

Read on to learn more about the premium classes:

Fly Gym

Take flight in our specialized workout hammock designed for extreme comfort while you stretch and pose your way to fitness.

Ballet Cardio Barre

  In this class, you will use traditional ballet barre's in a very non-traditional way.  The barre will become your support beam that will help you jump, kick, and flex your way to long and lean muscles.

Pole Aria
Do you love the pole? Do you love aerial silks? This apparatus has both! You will get into the most challenging pole poses with such ease. With the use of fabric suspended from the pole, you are able to have extra support to help ease you into each pose with little to no help from the instructor.


This isn't your regular meditation experience. Your senses will be pleased with projected images, and headphones with sounds to please your ears. You will be pampered with pillows, oven roasted blankets, and fresh water. If you want to open up in a way you've never experienced before, you have to try our one of a kind Meditation class!

Goddess Gathering
This class is a bonding class. Your instructor will lead the conversation as each student shares life experiences that may be useful to others in class. Everyone gets the chance to talk, and everybody learns! Together we become closer and open our minds to possibilities and change.


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