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Friday, November 23, 2012

All Star dancers

Over the past  years, there have been so many students who have walked through the door, 5788 to be exact!  There have been a few who have really stuck out for very different reasons.  I thought it might be fun to tell a bit about a few of my favorite students from years past.

Dlynn joined the studio back when we were on Harrison Blvd in Ogden.  She wasn't particularly shy.  Her personality was very vibrant and the students and teachers were very drawn to her.  She was naturally a skinny gal, but I do remember looking at her in her booty shorts and sports bra one day.  She was starting to become very defined.  Her abs were killer!  She could do every trick the teachers showed her.  Dlynn was one of my best students.  About a year ago, she left the studio to pursue a new hobby.  Hunting!  You will find hot body Dlynn in the rugged mountains of Utah with her husband looking for elk.  Where ever your path may lead you, Dlynn, I wish you the very best and I hope that we get to see you again very soon.

Megan P.
I found Megan at an amateur pole fitness contest at Rumors night club.  She got up on the pole when her name was called.  In her jeans, she worked that pole, took 1st place and won a free 1 month membership to the studio.  Megan has been one of my best friends ever since.  She was a teacher at the studio for 2 years.  She is now engaged and has a brand new baby.  We are so happy for Megan and I can't wait for to start teaching again in 2013.

I'm not exactly sure how Davina found the studio, but I do remember noticing her in our Aerial Silk class.  She was AMAZE-BALL's!  Davina was such a natural.  I remember one day in the studio, she brought in a big bag that held a turquoise silk inside.  Her boyfriend had bought Davina her very own silk so she could practice at home.  I was very jealous :)  With the extra practice, Davina quickly mastered the Silk beyond most people in the studio.  It was only natural that her next step was to become an instructor.  Davina is in the military and I believe she still practices the art of Aerial Silk.  We miss her very much.

Graham was our very first male pole students.  He was outrageous and very funny!  He didn't mind wearing the booty shorts like the girls and twirling his hips along to the music.  Anybody who was around during my first year of business can't help but remember Graham.  To this day, I still love Graham for his bravery and his ability to open up to a room full of women on stripper poles.

Amy and Tara
Amy and Tara came as a pair.  They both worked at a local credit union and they didn't mind telling everyone in the office about their fitness fetish.  Amy was very sultry and sexy and Tara was incredibly flexible.  Long before we had flexibility classes, Tara was by far the most flexible student in class.  I can't remember what happened to them, but I am sure that where ever they are in this world, they will be the feisty diva's that I remember.

Meagan, owner


  1. Meagan, I too was introduced to your studio by winning a month membership. I remember the first time walking in to the old studio on harrison. You immediately made me feel welcome! The confidence you have and give to others is admirable. My twice a week pole class turned out to be my social outlet. The friendships that developed, the strength that I built was the best year and a half for me on a personal level. I enjoyed the classes so much that I didn't even realize the transformation of my body because I never felt like I was working out!! I had incredible results and definition, yet the best part was my personal progress. Pushing myself, being challenged and feeling accomplished every time a new trick was learned. Your studio is one for all women, no matter your shape or size! I miss the friendships and the pole....having two teenage daughters I had to refocus my time which pulled me away from my own passions, but I promise you I will be back!! Thank you for providing an energetic, positive atmosphere for women to grow and develop. Many thanks, D'Lynn

  2. Awe Dlynn!

    I can't wait for you to come back. We have our Christmas recital on December 2nd. You should come! The old school teachers and students would go crazy to see you. Come when you can friend :) We'll wait.

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