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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What not to wear.

New students are always asking what they sould wear to class. So here it is :)

Pole & Aerial Hoops
Short shorts (if you feel comfortable enough). Showing some skin will actually help you stick to the pole, long pants will just make you slide right down. A sports bra is always a good idea. Think about it....mommy boobs hanging upside down on a pole...mine would fall right out the top if it weren't for my sports bra :)

As far as shoes go, most students prefer bare feet. Some students like dancing in platform shoes. It's just a personal choice. However, in black light we highly recommend shoes. You can buy platform shoes in the lobby at either studio.

You will want to invest in a bottle of dry hands for $8.00 (sold at the studio). It will make your hands stick to the pole. This is especially helpful if you accidentally wore lotion the day of class....or you just have naturally clammy hands.

Aerial Silks & Dance Trapeze
For these classes you want to dress the complete opposite of the pole. Leggings or sweat pants, long sleeved cotton shirt that also has a long torso. Bare feet....and yes a sports bra :)

For silks and trapeze, it is wise to get some rosin or firm grip. This will help your hands to stick to the apparatus. Both of these can be purchased at the studio.

All other classes (hip hop, jazz, zumba, yoga, etc)
Dress as if you are going to the gym. Sweats in any length (shorts, capris, or pants), tank top, sports bra, tennis shoes, and a bottle of water. Dance clothes are always welcomed to jazz and hip hop but they are not required.

Does anyone have any other questions about what to wear?


  1. No questions but it might be a good idea to stress NOT to wear lotion the whole day prior to class. Those poles are just too dang slippery with just a little bit and I can always tell when someone didn't know or forgot. ;)

  2. What about rails? Is that included in the "other" classes? I would imagine shorts would be best just thinking about it - but I've never seen the class in action. I didn't realize shoes were important in the black light class - my foot is still healing from all that friction! Maybe mention that in the class description too?

  3. Thanks guys! Rails is considered to be part of the pole and hoop family when it comes to attire. And lotion is a huge no no!