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Monday, November 8, 2010

October student of the month!

Drum roll......

October student of the month for Ogden is Davina Wong!!!

Davina has been dancing at the studio for about a year. She has worked very hard at the aerial silks and has performed at several recitals and events. AND, this month, she became an official employee of the studio. I believe that the best students eventually make the best teachers and Davina is proof. Go Davina!

October student of the month for Midvale is Britney Breitweiser!!!

Britney has only been on the pole for a few short months but has already become amazing. She is planning to compete in December's pole competition in the advanced division. Britney and her friend Mckell also write a special blog that covers their journey's of learning how to pole dance. For her fast paced growth and her excitement about the studio, she has been named Midvale's student of the month.

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