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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Facebook Surfing!

Every so often, I will stalk my students on facebook and see who is using their camera in class (which is highly encouraged). Here's who I found this week:

Elizabeth on the silk

Amanda on the aerial hoop. This move is much harder than it looks :)

Nicole playing around on the corde lisse. Classes coming soon.

Coryne showing off her guns after kick boxing class. Notice Justin (Meagan's husband) in the background ruining the picture as always.

Tiff and friends trying out some multi-player moves.

Tiffany showing off the flexibility that she has worked soooo hard for!

Britney, who is naturally flexible, performing a half moon for the camera.

And Di balancing in the aerial hoop.

Thank you for sharing your love of the arts on your facebook pages!

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