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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why the new name?

I have had a few comments in the suggestion box regarding the new name. Most people love it and a few hate it. I can not keep the name Adult Dance & Fitness or Studio Blue because I have had to rearrange my business plan and the way my business is set up through the government offices.

I had to pick a new name and I figured that we would go for something a little more sexy since we do teach pole dancing and we do have the occaisional lap dance workshop.

It's getting really frustrating defending pole dancing and pole fitness. I have tried for the past five years to keep pole fitness clean and to keep the studio as conservative as possible, but this year, I knew it was time for us to come out of hiding and allow the studio to take on a sexier role. No it's still not for strippers, but why should we have to defend hip twirling, hair flipping, pole dancing, chair dancing, any longer? No more. We are sexy fit women and not ashamed of it....hence the name French Kiss Fitness.

Then there are those who say, "But you offer more than just sexy dancing. What about the aerial and fitness classes". For the majority of our time in business our main "product" was the pole. Every once in a while I add a class that I find interesting such as Aerial Silk and African Heat. Pole has always defined the business, these styles have been brought in as an added bonus. I don't know how long our aerial and fitness classes will stay popular and well attended. I do know that I will always offer pole. Without pole, this studio would not exist.

For those that still hate it, I apologize. I hope you will continue to support Weber & Davis Counties only studio that keeps it real and fresh.

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