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Monday, December 19, 2011

You can have it all!

When it comes to gym memberships, you can have it all. Especially in this economy. As the owner of French Kiss Fitness, I would love to say, "Pole dancing is the only way to go." But as a mother of a new born baby, I also know that I require a variety when it comes to my work out. I credit pole to my weight loss of over 40 lbs four years back. But this time around, I am finding that my body is getting much too used to the pole benefits and my body isn't responding as well the second time around.

So I started shopping for the dreaded "gym" membership and I was actually pleasantly surprised. I found that places like Golds Gym and Planet Fitness have memberships starting at just $9/month. Some even include unlimited tanning and massage chair. I asked the manager of one of the facilities how they are able to offer such low prices. The answer was a no brainer. Gyms that have such low rates have super low over head. The cheap memberships are often at a smaller facility that only offers weights and treadmills. The bigger facilities that offer pool/sauna/fitness/dance classes are much more expensive per month. I wish I could offer $9 memberships, but at the studio, we offer dance style classes that require experienced teachers. We are a dance studio, not a gym. Teachers cost more than equipment that is readily available 24 hours a day that has a life span of 5-10 years :)

So my point: You can have it all! Gym's and dance studio's have finally come to realize that we are in a recession and the prices must reflect the price the customer can pay. For you that means you can go to Golds...grab a $9 membership. Come to French Kiss Fitness...get some dance classes starting at $25. Then maybe head over to the rock climbing gym, and take up scuba diving. The options are endless. For around $100/month you could have 3-5 memberships that will keep your body guessing. Every facility has something that will benefit your body and your soul. Shop around...but instead of limiting yourself to one facility, think outside the box. You can afford it now!

Meagan Goodson, Owner
French Kiss Fitness


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