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Friday, January 1, 2010

Beauty tips for the poor girl.

As a recently divorced single mom of one, I soon realized that I didn't have the money for all the extra perks. I found myself at the grocery store choosing between bread or make up remover. So, for the past six months I have found myself getting creative. Here are three beauty tips I've learned to save a little dough:

#1 - Use lotion as eye make up remover. Use unscented lotion with a hand towel to easily wipe away your mascara and eyeliner.

#2 - Use your shampoo as shaving gel for legs, under arms, and bikini area. It really works!

#3 - When I apply my mascara, I sometimes miss my eyelash and end up with a glob of mascara on my cheek or eye lid. Don't wipe it! Wait for it to dry and then take a piece of tissue paper and it will come right off.

This blog entry has nothing to do with dancing, but hey....we're all women right?

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