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Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello Angels,

Heartbeat Studios by Anji featuring Sexy Jane Photography is now doing Valentine Shoots at Studio Blue.

I am so excited! We are offering three amazing packages that will fit all your Valentine desires.
We several different sets to choose from. The hundred year old elevator is rockin. Grunge meets sexy! Also, the blue floral staircase is fun for those artistic, sensual shots.

I think that every woman is an Angel, Goddess, Diva, Queen. I hope you take the opportunity during this season of Love to experience a photo shoot. We here at Sexy Jane encourage women to express their sensuality through photography. It is so much fun to let that inner sexy come out, and believe the men in your world enjoy it!

Last year we celebrated Sexual Healing and This year I have deemed it the year of the Nurturing Mother. What does that mean? Well, nurturing is the greatest gift mothers give their loved ones, and this year we are going to do more nurturing for ourselves. So, look for our workshops and activities and photoshoots that will help us nurture ourselves and the other women in our lives. We all need a little tender mothering once in a while.

Also, there are so many MILF'S out there and we are going to really celebrate our sexiness at any age. Being a woman, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandma in the year 2010 is all about feeling confident in your own skin and your own beauty.

Luvies Anji
Heartbeatstudios by Anji
Featuring Sexy Jane Photography

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