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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Student survey results.

I will be looking over the student survey results in the coming days. Lots of great constructive criticism as well as many compliments. Thank you!

Here are a few fun facts that I learned from the survey:
The favorite class is pole fitness followed by aerial silk

84% of members were satisfied with the services we offer. If I'm a politician, I'm golden. However, I would like to improve upon this number :)

90% of students said they would likely continue their membership once it has expired. That's great!

I asked each participant of the survey to give us some constructive criticism. Here are a few suggestions we received:

"I'd love to see more dance related items for sale(hip scarves,leotards, etc).And more of an emphasis on the other (traditional) dance classes,not just pole."

"I would like to see more advanced level classes for pole and silks. If possible twice a week in Ogden. I also love taking the intermediate silks at Midvale, but having it at 8-9 and then driving back home get me home pretty late. Is there anyway that an intermediate class could be offered at an earlier time on a Tuesday or Thursday?"

"Please bring Wednesday night Kick Boxing back! :)"

"I would like to incorporate more dance into pole. In terms of putting moves together so they flow and general dance etc. Not necessarily routines you feed us, but like "you can do this to transition these moves" and then sometimes say okay everyone put on this song and you all come up with your own freestyle. etc"

I am personally reading every comment and I will do my very best to make the necessary changes that will help make your experience better! You can still weigh in on the student survey. Arrow down and find the origional student survery blog post.

Thank you for your input!!!!

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