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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thinking about joining?

As the owner of the studio, I know how excited women can get when they are getting ready to start taking pole or aerial classes. A lot of thought goes into taking the leap to becoming a pole or aerial student. But can I tell you a secret? It's not as scary as it may seem. The pole has been very sexually glorified but in the end, it is just a piece of metal that hangs from floor to ceiling. No big deal! I like to compare it to a horizontal ballet bar. Ballerina's use them right??!

We try to make our classes physically challenging and entertaining. You will feel somewhat sexy, but definately not stripper status. You will strictly be a pole fitness student. Your friends and family may disapprove, but they will secretly be a little jealous that you have the confidence and the curiosity to start something new.

Our aerial classes are so so fun! The instructors are great and you don't even feel like exercising. In these classes, everyone is a circus acrobat, even if you're a beginner. Every move is a milestone and every time you achieve better and better moves, you feel like a rock star. We have even had some instructors and students take their aerial act on the road to perform! It's all possible. You can simply be a student who is doing it for exercise, or an aspiring Cirque Du Solei performer.

So give it a try. Our introductory classes are only $15. And, if you decide to purchase a membership immediately after your intro class, we will put the $15 towards a membership. So it's basically free!

Come fly with us!

-Meagan Chapman
Adult Dance & Fitness
801-394-3185 (Ogden)
801-561-1105 (Midvale)

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