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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wonderful Wednesdays!

As the owner of the studio, I've noticed that sometimes I get too busy to enjoy the studio and the people who come to class. So tonight, I stepped away from the desk and observed each class and socialized with the students and teachers in them. I was impressed! It reaffirmed that I am needed and lately I've needed to hear and see that.

The studio is a sanctuary and a place for women to be themselves with no judgement and I'm happy that I am a part of their adventure :)

For those who don't know, our belly dancing class is the best! The teacher always comes up with fun choreography and it always seems that the ladies are truly enjoing eachothers company. Check out what they will be working on this month:

I wandered upstairs to see what the beginner students were working on. Most of these girls have only been to 2-3 classes and they are doing fantastic! Keep up the awesome work!!!

I noticed that our Intermediate/Advanced teacher Megan Page was practing the pole move called "recliner". She is trying really hard to gain more back flexibility and I think she is doing great. Here is a picture of her progress this week:

I enjoyed taking time out to mingle with the Wednesday night gals. Thank you for your memberships and friendships!

-Meagan, Owner

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