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Monday, August 13, 2012

Exotic Dance Wear

Here at French Kiss Fitness, our students love the Exotic Dance class.  The room is completely dark with black lights reflecting off of the dance wear that our students sport each week.  If you've never attended one of our exotic dance classes, here are some things you should know:

Glowing is best!  Wear white and neon colors that will glow in the black light.

Heels make it fun.  Wear your favorite high heels, or go for it and buy some bon-a-fied stripper shoes!  There are several shoes on the market now that glow under our black lights.

Let your hair down.  Many of the moves in our exotic dance class allow you to whip your hair and feel sexy.

The more skin the better.  The great thing about our exotic dance class is the fact that nobody can see you.  In the dark, the only thing that glows are your clothes.  Your skin will look tan and flawless.  Don't be afraid of the sports bra and booty shorts.  You'll look great and feel great knowing that all of your flaws are disguised  by your awesome outfit and the glowing of our black lights.

We try to provide our students with fun clothes they can buy for class.  This week, we have brand new Ribbon Tie Side Shorts by Bad Kitty Exotic Dance Wear.  We have them in neon pink, white, red, and turquoise.  They are $24.95.  Check them out!

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