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Monday, August 13, 2012

Femme Fatale

If you missed this weekends big performance, here's some video.  Enjoy!!!

Advanced Division
1st place - Chantel Fain
2nd place - Carmen Tomshack
3rd place - Summer Pettit

Pro Division
1st place - Tiffany Tremaine
2nd place - Caroline Dow (People's Choice Winner)
3rd place - Melissa Kearns

Justin Goodson's Break Dancing Performance

Ravan Artist - Judges Showcase Performance

Tiffany Tremaine's Pro Division Performance

Caroline Dow's Pro Division Performance

Charlee Wagner - Judges Showcase Performance

Carmen Tomshack's Advanced Division Performance

Holly Jarvis - Aerial Hammock Performance

Michelle Sorensen - Belly Dancing Performance

I am still missing video's from Chantel Fain, Summer Pettit, Kara Lamarr, and Melissa Kearns.  If you have them, will you please e-mail them to me at  If you have any great pictures you would like to share, send them over as well :)

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported!  Our sponsors were Dew Point, XPole, Bad Kitty Pole Fit, Pole Dance International Magazine, Voila Boutique, Club 366.  We can't do it without our sponsors so make sure you stop by their web sites and give them some French Kiss love!

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