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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Be Bendy

For those who don't know, we have a spectacular class called "Be Bendy". The class was created by Charlee Wagner. She wanted to provide students with a way to become flexible. Not just flexible....really flexible!

 She has the most unique stretches I have ever seen. You won't be sitting in splits or touching your toes in this class. You use partners, gravity, walls, floor, chairs and all kinds of crazy techniques that are very unique to Charlee.
Wow! I don't show you this picture to discourage you. Not everybody wants extreme flexibility. Most of the students in class are doing the class because they love the way stretching makes their bodies feel.

 Even if you aren't trying to be the next circus contortionist, here are some great benefits of flexibility:
-Decreasing your risk of injury 
-Improve athletic performance 
-Improves Posture 
-Reduce risk of lower back pain
-Increased blood and nutrients to tissues 
-Improved muscle coordination 
-Enhanced enjoyment of physical activities

 So I ask... Why not aspire to be a little more flexible?

Be Bendy
Tuesday's 7-8pm - Ogden
Thursday's 8-9pm - Ogden
Saturday 12-1pm - Syracuse

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