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Friday, April 30, 2010

May is for friendship!

My biggest pet peeve is when I walk into a store, a restaurant, or another gym and I smell and feel women being catty and just plain bitchy to one another. Folded arms, looking away, girls that can't even say "Hey".

I think that's why I love being in the studio so much. It is filled with so much love. I love it when I see a struggling student master a move and the whole class breaks out into cheering. Women genuinly have love and appreciation for other women, but for some reason, when I leave these doors all I see is the opposite.

So May is for friendship. You will see special things happening in the studio during the month of May that are designed to bring us closer and celebrate the special feeling that our studio already has. To start off, anyone who purchases or renews a membership will get a special one month pass to give to a friend or family member. Let's start getting more women in the studio to experience what the rest of us already have learned.

Watch out for female bonding in the month of May. You never know when the receptionist might hop out from behind the desk and give you a free hug! I'm out!

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