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Monday, April 19, 2010

Silks on the street

We had a great turn out this past Saturday for Silks on the Street. Thanks for coming out were fantastic!

What is "Silks on the Street"?
Glad you asked! It's an opportunity for all of our aerial teachers and students to show off their skills right on Washington Blvd. We suspend the rigs off of the balcony that overlooks our studio.
Beginning students are always welcome to participate. We provide outdoor seating for friends, family, and spectators. No need to choreograph an aerial routine. Most students just take turns performing 2 or 3 tricks at a time.

When is Silks on the Street?
Every Saturday noon-2:00pm as long as we have good weather.

This is a great opportunity for newcomers to check out the studio and see some of our students and teachers to strut their stuff!

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