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Monday, June 21, 2010

Grand opening recital pictures.

Our grand opening party was so awesome! Thanks to everyone who came out to perform. The students were so inspirational. The night started with some great aerial performances by Hope Mccurdy and Melissa Hite.

One of our up and coming aerial students Natalie Wilson did a great job on the trapeze. Becca's daughter, Cambree, kicked off the aerial silk routines with a really great number that she worked very hard on. Our advanced aerial students did such a wonderful job at entertaining the audience. The highlight of the night was Sheena LaRose doing a death drop that exploded with rose pedals.

Our friends from Studio Soiree came out to show their support. Soiree girl, Lorina, did an awesome freestyle routine which included using our ceiling beams as a pole!

Big thank you to the helpers of the evening including Annie, Diana, Nikki, Justin, the two dudes that finished our wood flooring, Sheena, Chauntelle, Natalie, Steph, the other two dudes who found me on the side of the building having a nervous break down, and anyone else who was gracious enough to lend a hand. I had a blast!

-Meagan, Owner

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  1. Ha ha! The 2 dudes that finished your flooring were Hank and Dan. :) The studio looks great, go Meagan!