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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Deluxe Membership - available now!

You asked for it. Here it is!

Do you want to bring your friends to class with you?
Do you want full access to specialty workshops without being charged extra?
Do you want to buy a pole at a discount?

Introducing our Deluxe Membership.

Friends are FREE! Bring your friends to class with you at no extra cost.
Unlimited classes
Unlimited Workshops
10% off all merchandise including poles for at home use.

Introductory rate of only $85/month
Will go up February 1st to $99/month

Get your deluxe membership today! Click here to sign up.

*Limit 1 friend per day
*Friend requires no reservation, but will be asked to sign a liability waiver

Other Prices:

5 visits per month - $30/month
10 visits per month - $40/month
Unlimited visits - $60/month (On Sale for $50/month)

Drop in classes - $15 (On Sale for $10)
Introductory week - $20 (unlimited classes for 1 full week, limit 1 per person)

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