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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012...the year of great sales!

Since the end of the world is less than a year away.....let's dance as much as possible! To help you dance even more, we are having a huge membership sale! We always have great sales in January, but this one is crazy!!!

5 visits per month - $18/month + 2 free class vouchers (reg. $25/month). Only $3.60/class
10 visits per month - $26.25/month + 5 free class vouchers (reg. $35/month). Only $2.62/class
Unlimited classes - $44/month + 7 free class vouchers (reg. $59/month). BEST DEAL!

Drop in classes are $15/class

AND, our 1 year unlimited pass is on sale for another month.
Reg. $699
NOW $399 + you get 10 free class vouchers to give to friends and family

*We don't really believe the end of the world is near...but the idea is reason enough to live 2012 to it's fullest :)

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