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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How I found dance again. Part 3

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So when I left off, I was teaching ballet to kindergarten children and I was also coaching a high school drill team.

My husband (at the time) wanted to go somewhere awesome for our 4 year anniversary. I was in charge of all the planning. I wanted to get outside of my box. I was craving change, I just didn't know it yet. I really gravitated toward Las Vegas. I had never been before.

I planned a kick ass trip. We were stupid at the time and we had just refinanced our home and had an extra $4000 left over. The entire thing was gone by the time this trip was over :) I had a limo scheduled to pick us up at the air port, we were to stay in a fancy hotel, and I had a Cirque show planned. But I really wanted to please my husband. Early in our marriage he had snuck off to the strip club behind my back. I was Mormon at the time and to me, it was like cheating. About a year before the Vegas trip, I had left the church, so I figured that Las Vegas was the perfect time to show him how much I had changed. So I looked up the best strip club there was in Vegas, and I scheduled another limo so we would arrive in style.

Now you'll have to understand that early on in my business, people would always ask me how I got into pole, and I always gave a very watered down version of the events. I basically tell people that I went to an amateur pole competition and fell in love...but this is how it really went down :)

The Spearmint Rhino (pictured above) was a classy strip club, but it was still a strip club. Nipples, 8 inch heels, and barely there panties. To tell you the truth, this was my first time in a real bar. When I walked in, I was so taken back by the atmosphere, I forgot we were in a strip club until a naked woman walked past me...and then I realized at that moment, I had officially lost my bar/strip club virginity.

I loved it!

Instantly, I turned into a psycho. I wanted a front row seat, right on the stage and I wanted to drink. Here's another shocker, I had my first drink that night. Yes folks, I went to Las Vegas, visited my first strip club, and had my first drink all within 24 hours.

I thought my husband would really enjoy the strip club, but I found myself enjoying it much more than he was. I didn't want to leave. Women tend to judge the strippers and pick them apart, but I found beauty in each individual body type. I didn't think of them as strippers. The term exotic dancer made much more sense to me.

I was sitting front row when she took the stage. I can't tell you what her name was, but she was stunning. Long dark hair, olive skin, and a real bitchy attitude. I liked that. On her first song, she didn't even touch the pole, she moved around the stage like water and every guy in the room stopped what they were doing to watch her. She did a trick that I will never forget (very naughty). Too naughty to try to put into words :)

On her second song, she took her top off and grabbed the pole. She spun, she flipped, she posed, the pole made her even more sexy. I was 100% hooked. I finally walked out of the club, and I was forever changed. We took a taxi back to the hotel, but it was forced to stop in the middle of the strip so I could throw up while traffic was still moving. Epic!

The next day, I went to Hart & Huntington in the Palms Resort and got a tattoo on my foot. It says dance. That put the nail in the coffin. I was going to take my dancing to new heights. I got home from Vegas and ordered a Lil' Mynx pole off the internet and started teaching myself that weekend.

You might be thinking...the END! No, this story goes on. It has been 6 years now and there are so many juicy stories to tell.

Stay tuned....

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  1. It's amazing how you can find what you're looking for in the most unexpected places ;)! HA- love your story, all of it. Being an x-gymnast, it's nice to find a place that bridals my passions!! Excited to hear more..