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Friday, June 1, 2012

How I found dance again.

It seems like just yesterday I was visiting my Aunt Julie.  Every year, my Mom would take her a birthday present on her birthday, and this year, she invited me to come along.  Julie was working at her dance studio that day.  So we barged in on one of her classes and sang her happy birthday.   She wanted us to stick around until after her class was over so we could visit for a while longer.  As my Mom and I were waiting around, I watched the young children twirl around in their pink ballet shoes.  The music was beautiful, the mirrors were super tall, and then it happened.  "5 6 7 8"....

Bam, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I started crying.  I hadn't heard "5 6 7 8" since my last day on my high school drill team which was four years earlier.  Why did I suddenly stop dancing after high school?  I couldn't answer that.  I got married very young at age 19, a baby followed two years later.  But was that really an excuse to stop dancing?  It was my passion!

So there I am trying to keep the tears from rolling down my face when my aunt walks out of her class.  "Hey Meagan!  It's been a while.  What are you up...  what's wrong sweetie?"  She saw my tears.  Damn it!  So I explained that the atmosphere of dance brought back a flood of memories and I was sad that I didn't dance anymore.  There really was nothing she could do about it.  I was in my early 20's now and she only offered children's classes.  It was too late for me.  I had taken ballet,tap, and jazz at her school as a teenager.  She knew my abilities and I could see on her face that she felt my pain.  Even though she was an adult, she was a dance studio owner, so she could dance whenever she wanted.  What about those of us who didn't own studio's? 

She came up with the idea before I did.  "Meg.  Would you like to teach dance here?"  I looked up at her and looked her right in the eye.  "Yes", I said.  I burst into tears and so did my Mom.  My Mom knew how important dance was to me.  She stood up and hugged my aunt Julie and said, "thank you". 

The evolution of French Kiss Fitness was a long personal journey for me.  I think I will share a little each week so I don't overwhelm our readers with 20 pages of "blah blah blah" :)

Thanks for reading! 
To be continued...

-Meagan, owner


  1. Beautiful, Meagan! That segment made ME cry...I also know what it's like to have given up something you loved so much when younger to rediscover it years later. In my case- playing my instruments in local community groups...I'm so afraid of it happening again if we move out of state, but I'm determined to love every moment while I have it now.

  2. That's awesome Gia! I'm glad I lost touch with dance for a while, it made it that much more special to me when I reconnected with it :)