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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Student feature - Tracie Day

Tracie has been coming to the studio since February 2012. That same month, she signed up her daughter for classes as well. The two of them can be seen at the studio almost 5 nights a week and they are die hard dancers/polers/aerialists. Not many mother/daughter duo's come through my doors and this duo is certainly one of my favorite!

When Tracie first started coming to the studio she told me how her boyfriend didn't like her pole dancing. I couldn't imagine why any boyfriend of a gorgeous and confident woman wouldn't like the idea of her taking some fun classes that might also spice up the relationship. Needless to say, he's not her boyfriend. Tracie has moved on to a man that can handle her sense of adventure!

Here are some pictures that Tracie sent to me recently:

In this photo, Tracie is showing off her moves underneath a bridge. We don't plank, we chopper! Pole dancing and aerial silk classes in Ogden and Syracuse Utah.


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