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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Class Etiquette

At French Kiss Fitness our class reservations are done online. You reserve your space through our website for class and you can also see how many people are registered for that class. Recently, there has been a problem that has presented itself. Students register for classes that they think they MIGHT want to take. Then, the day of class, they decide for one reason or another that they are too busy to take that class. Thus, leaving an empty space in class.

This is more harmful than you might think. When a potential student is looking at our class schedule, they might think that our studio is too full for them to join because every class is full. In reality, it's the semi-committed students who are holding a place in class, only to cancel an hour before the class starts. In fact, our classes are really only half full.

I really hate to implement a fee for this problem, but it has to be done. Starting July 1st, the following fee's have been put into place.

No Show Fee - $5 Reserving a place in class, but not coming.

Late Cancel Fee - $3 Cancelling your reservation less than 3 hours before the start time of the class.

When you give us less than 3 hours notice that you won't be attending class, we aren't able to notify other students of the open spot in class. It basically creates an empty space in class that we aren't able to fill.

I appreciate your understanding. Please be considerate of students who are eager to attend class. If you aren't able to attend your reserved class, please remove yourself from that class as soon as possible. It helps out the studio, your teachers, and fellow students.

Thank you!

Meagan, owner

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