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Monday, September 13, 2010

Grannie Panties

Our blogging students have written a special blog article for me. I love it!

The Ginger and I have a few things in common: (1) a love for pole and aerial, (2) new shoes that we can’t wait to use in black light, and (3) super sarcastic boyfriends.

Now what does having sarcastic boyfriends have to do with pole dancing?

While most boyfriends would find it really sexy that their girlfriends have taken up the art of pole dancing, sarcastic boyfriends are a little different. See, sarcastic boyfriends find pole dancing humorous. So when we call it a “work out” it’s usually met with a chuckle and that’s when they are being nice!

One of my more favorite remarks was regarding our Saturday class with Shayli:

“We’re heading off to vertical strength, be back in an hour.”
*Spoken sweetly to a boyfriend still sleeping in bed*
“Alright, I’m going to stay here and work on my horizontal strength.”

Needless to say, we can’t wait until the next “Bring Your Man to Class” week!

So if they don’t think it’s all that sexy, then why are we pole dancing?

See, I liken pole dancing to a pair of black lacey panties. No one actually has to see your panties for you to feel sexy wearing them right? Just because that underwear might not make a debut, that doesn’t mean you should be stuck wearing granny panties. No one may ever see us pole dancing, but that doesn’t make it pointless. Pole dancing still makes us feel sexy and strong, even if the girls in our classes are the only ones that see or care.

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  1. This article was actually composed by McKell... :)