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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pole dancer paralyzed in the UK after fall

I heard this story last night during a family dinner and at first, I wasn't sure that I should share it because it is so rare. But, I do think that everyone needs to appreciate how dangerous pole really is.

Your chances of staying safe on the pole greatly increase when you learn how to pole dance in a studio vs. at home watching youtube. The studio offers experienced instructors, proper crash mats, and spotters.

The move that the injured lady was performing was this:
Cross ankle release.

The problem with this trick is that your are upside down and your neck is arched back. Ideally, when you fall, you would want your neck tucked in and your back rounded.

So please, don't teach yourself at home. Always try new tricks in the pole studio with an instructor by your side. Ask for a spotter and use a crash mat. Never try anything that makes you feel unsafe even if everyone else in class is doing it. Don't let this story scare you away from pole class. It is simply a reminder that safety should always be first.

Click here to read the ABC article.

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