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Friday, January 14, 2011

Saturday is studio date night!

All teachers, students, friends of students, and the men in their lives are invited to our studio date night. Come alone or bring someone....either way is great!

Here's the info:

Movie: Black Swan
Time: Meet at studio between7:00-7:30 for pole play.
After, we will head over to the movie theatre for a 7:45pm showing.

Cost: $8.50/person

This movie has it all! Dancing for us girls, and horror and drama for the guys.

Portman's Nina is a ballerina at a New York City ballet company who's struggled for years to get recognition, egged on by her pushy mom (Barbara Hershey) whose own ballet dreams never made it far, and consistently diminished by the company's director Tomas (Vincent Cassel), who sneers at Nina as often as he praises her. She's cast as the lead dancer in Swan Lake, which is a double role-- the virginal, doomed White Swan, and the vicious and manipulative Black Swan. Nina's got the White Swan nailed, but her shy demeanor and obsession with perfection keep the Black Swan's sexual and violent edginess just out of reach.

Determined to make it work, Nina tries all kinds of things to get in touch with her inner Black Swan, from allowing Tomas to seduce her to spending a wild night with new ballerina Lily (Mila Kunis), who is as free-spirited as Nina is repressed. All the while Nina experiences some weird stuff, from seeing her own face in that of strangers to a persistent rash on her shoulder blades that looks all the world like a sprouting wing. Things get weirder as the Swan Lake debut grows nearer, and it's less a question of how Nina will be able to embody the Black Swan than how much a toll it will take on a sheltered, fragile girl who has lived her life in New York City but knows no world outside of ballet.

Katy Rich, Cinema Blend

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