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Monday, January 31, 2011

Useless studio facts :)

Just in case you were wondering (which I know you were), here are some fun studio facts:

January 2010 students visited class 1,122 times
January 2011 students visited class 1,209 times

February 2010 students visited class 1,561 times
Come on ladies, take lots of classes so we can beat this number!

Studio was founded in April 4th, 2008
Started in a high school dance room until pole dancing was added to the cirriculum. The principal didn't like that so much :)

The Ogden studio alone runs 43 classes every week.

Pole dancing can burn up to 400 calories per hour.

And, the best advertising we have is through referrals from our members . Keep sending your friends and family our way. We promise to make them come out of their shell and have fun while losing weight. Thank you for almost four years in business. Our students keep the program running and I think about you guys every day :)

Meagan Goodson, Onwer

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