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Friday, January 28, 2011

Workshop update

Don't miss our weekly Saturday workshops. We try to bring in a new style each week AND have you noticed how we keep the prices way down? Dance shouldn't be for the rich! You do not need to be a member to attend a workshop.

I love celebrating all styles of dance and our weekly workshops are the perfect way to tap into every genre so we can be more talented and well rounded dancers. Yes ladies, even our African dance workshop can help you improve your hip hop or even pole skills :)

African Dance Workshop - $10 (Saturday, January 29th) - 6 spots left
Kids break dancing workshop - $10 (Saturday, February 5th) - 10 spots left
Lap dance workshop - $25 (Wednesday, February 9th) - 3 spots left
Spinner pole workshop - $10 (Saturday, February 26th) - 8 spots left

Click here to reserve your spot in any of these workshops today!

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