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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shelves are stocked!

We have a full supply of dry hands, dew point, and new naughty dance sweats will be on the shelves this weekend.

Naughty Dancer Sweats ($25) - "These little sweats are mine. I wear them all the time. To dance the way I couldn't, and move the way I shouldn't". During Christmas time, these sweats sold out in a matter of days. Gets yours before they are gone.

Dry Hands ($8) - Gives you a long lasting, moisture-repellent barrier. Perfect for beginner-advanced pole dancer. This is a favorite among pole students.

Dew Point body grip ($10) - This ultra formula is great for intermediate-advanced pole dancers. Gives you the stick without the dry skin.

Get both Dry Hands and Dew Point for $15!

Soon, we will be getting some more dancer leg warmers and belly dancing skirts. Stay tuned...

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