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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Corde Lisse Workshop


The Midvale Studio looks awesome!!! I love the extra tall ceilings and you are so right about the changing room. The posts on the blog sure don't do it justice.
The Corde Lisse work shop was absolutely fantastic. Shay, Shaylie and Tiff and I has so much fun. I was really nervous before it started, but shortly after had so much fun. The hour flew by I wanted to just keep going.
It was great thank you so much for recruiting her to teach us. I took a few pictures to show you how much fun it was.

Can't wait for Friday and the lap dancing class.

Megan, you are doing great with Club Blue and I am so happy to be apart of it.

Thank you,

Thanks to everyone who came out for this ground breaking workshop. We also need to thank Becca Butcher for introducing us to Allie Cooper. Staff at the studio is very excited about this new style of aerial dance and we hope to continue our education with it and hopefully offer Corde Lisse classes in the near future.

-Adult Dance & Fitness staff

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