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Friday, May 21, 2010

Miss USA is a pole dancer!

Miss USA 2010 was just crowned and it seems she has quite the controversial past. Apparently, she has taken some pole dancing classes and even hopped on stage at a club fully clothed and made a few hip circles! OMG!!!!!

Here is an internet article breaking all the scandal:

Well, that didn't take long.

Within hours of Rima Fakih being crowned the new Miss USA, photos surfaced of Rima competing in a "Stripper 101" pole dancing class and competition sponsored by a Detroit radio station in 2007.

The photos have actually been on the station's website for three years, but came to new light after a celebrity news website inquired about them after Rima was crowned on Sunday.

The station has also been contacted by Miss Universe pageant reps who wanted to know if any more pictures like that exist of Rima.

Mojo, the host of the show that sponsored the pole dancing class, says he hopes that the incident will not result in Rima losing her crown.

"It would be foolish to consider anyone other than Rima to represent the USA. The photos taken from our website are no more provocative than those on the Miss USA website," he said.

He's right. The only thing missing from those "official" sexy lingerie photos the Miss USA pageant took of the 51 contestants this year was the cash stuffed in their bras.

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