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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Please be courteous!

We have a situation at the studio that needs to be addressed:

Many of the students are signing up for a class and then they don't show up.
Today, for example, we had 14 women signed up for a Pole Fitness 1.0 class and only two showed up. There was a wait list for this class with 4 or 5 women who couldn't RSVP for the class because it was booked full.

If you can't attend class, please take yourself out of it. And, when you make your scheudle for the week, don't sign up for classes you know you won't be able to make.

Don't be a class hog :)

Thank you so much. We have a bunch of students and only so many classes. Please think of others when making and keeping your class schedule.

-Meagan Chapman

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